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The moment has finally come, you decided to offer, now the stage to buy an engagement ring. But how do you know what she wants? How do you distinguish between diamonds? And how do you know you’re doing a smart buying?

First and foremost, she should love the engagement ring, something that will be in front of her every day all day long. Loving a ring is an individual thing because every woman has her own taste and there are hundreds of designs of engagement rings. This is more difficult when you want to surprise her and then you should try to get to know her taste.

Some general tips for you to consider:

First of all, set a pre-budget for the engagement ring. There are no defined rules about the amount, it depends on your ability and desire.

Ring size
You plan the moment and you want it to be perfect, it also includes the ring to fit nicely her finger. When you come to choose a ring do not forget to give the size of the ring. There are ways to find her ring size.

Her taste
If you meant to surprise her, know her taste, or at least try. Pay attention to the rings she wears, what color they are, how decorated or free of designs. Burrow in her jewelry box. Listen to her! When you know that she is the only one and, in the period before the marriage proposal she starts talking about rings and what she likes and dislikes, maybe she will also point to a picture in a magazine or a window.

A diamond certificate
Buy a diamond with a certificate. What you do not understand is great in diamonds, you come to the store and rely on what the person in front of you selling to you. It’s a lot of money, and you want to be sure that what you buy is what you get. Therefore, you should always buy a diamond with an external gemological lab certificate, which is also objective. (For further details on a diamond certificate from a gemological laboratory).
Note! A diamond certificate is by no means a guarantee of what you get. It is more important to purchase diamonds from a jeweler with a reputation and that you can count on. On stones without laser marking it is easy for the seller to say that a certificate belongs to a particular stone and there are not many ways to prove it.

Free diamond
Free diamond (not studded) This is the only way you need to buy a diamond. It can then be placed in a ring. This way you can check what you buy, what diamond quality, and what are its 4 C’s (this applies even if there is a certificate).

Reviews are a great indication of the prices, service, and overall shopping experience you expect to get from a store. These are people who have experienced buying, without interests, and give a recommendation. The level of reliability is high so you know what to expect more or less. It is advisable to check the reviews on the store before purchasing.

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