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Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

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Diamond necklaces and pendants in a wide variety of models and sizes directly from the Diamond Exchange. At DIAMOND HOUSE you buy directly from a diamond dealer and jewelry manufacturer. You are guaranteed a very competitive price, personal and professional service and a very high degree of reliability. We make every effort to make you satisfied with the product and the service! We are members of the public trust organization that serves the customer, ensures transparency and impeccable service, and gives him confidence in the business.

It’s important to us what you get! We choose the diamonds one by one to ensure that each one of them will be beautiful and sparkling and make you the ring while pay attention to the small details. You get a very high quality diamond necklace.

Here you will find diamond necklaces and pendants in a variety of designs:

Solitaire diamond pendant gift for a woman. Necklace for your daughter for her graduation. Diamond necklace for a bride

At DIAMOND HOUSE you will find necklaces and pendants with only natural diamonds!

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